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Janice Thibeault Deberg 500 X 500

Janice Thibeault-DeBerg

Janice Thibeault-DeBerg  As the Co-owner of Spotlight Dance Arts, Janice Thibeault-DeBerg (a native San Diegan) has been involved with Fine Art throughout her entire life. A daughter of a photographer for National Geographic, Janice developed a love and passion for art early on. In her earlier adult life, Janice was a special effects artist for Paramount studios where she gained knowledge of the entertainment industry. For over 30 years she has used her exceptional skills and instincts for art through designing stage sets for churches and various theatrical endeavors all over San Diego. If there is art to be done, Janice is the go to woman.  Her talent is immense and her keen eye for design has inspired budding artists for decades.

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