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Writing For The Stage

Writing for the Stage

Playwrights are often respected for their craft from afar as would-be playwrights sit idly by, believing that writing a play or a musical is something only in their dreams. But this isn’t true! Anyone can be a playwright, and all…

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Interim Classes

Interim classes

Interim classes are reasonable priced semi private lessons geared to perfecting specific skills. Each week brings into focus something different, such as body centering and posturing, extensions of both arms and legs, as well as turns and leaps. Interim classes…

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Private Lessons

Private lessons

Private lessons are offered in all areas of the arts at Spotlight, i.e. dance, voice, acting, as well as instrumental music. These lessons are perfect for the student that is looking for some personalized attention to perfect their performance skills.

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New Beginners

New Beginners

New beginners ages 5 to 7 will have an opportunity to experience dance in a fun and energetic environment. The friendly atmosphere of this class facilitates each child the freedom to express themselves creatively while learning the basic techniques of…

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Latin Rhythms Cardio

Latin rhythms cardio

Latin rhythms cardio: This class utilizes the Latin rhythms and steps like cha-cha, and salsa to accomplish an excellent cardiovascular workout. Come to this fun 30-minute class to spice up your exercise program.

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Pull Up A Chair Fitness

Pull Up a Chair Fitness

Pull Up a Chair Fitness: If you have physical limitations that cause you to have difficulty with traditional exercise classes, this class is for you. We utilize the support of a chair to enable the student to exercise in a…

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Stretch And Tone

Stretch and tone

Stretch and tone in this floor stretch class to increase flexibility while strengthening core muscles with a variety of floor exercises. This is a multi level class and is adaptable for the less flexible student as well as the extremely…

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